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Laurie Scott is an author, musician, and yogi who studied the classical music of North India with the great master sarode player and musical genius from India, Ali Akbar Khan, for almost 25 years. 

Laurie Scott has recorded several albums and written a book entitled, "A Spiritual Journey to Now," that shares engaging and candid stories of her life and the valuable lessons she has learned that can greatly enhance the quality of our lives.

She shares her music in institutions where people feel isolated and alone, and brings peace and light to others through her music. She also meditates and does hatha yoga. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and teaches a spiritual form of yoga that is gentle, relaxing, and uplifting. She is a member of Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized organization of credentialed yoga teachers that maintains standards of quality yoga education and practice.

For more information on Laurie and her music, please read below.


The Music

Indian classical music is an ancient and spiritual form of music that is intended to uplift both the musician and listener, and also bring a person closer to God.

Indian classical music has two major traditions: North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) classical music.

Laurie studied North Indian (Hindustani) classical music with the great North Indian classical musician, Ali Akbar Khan.


Laurie Scott's Music Teacher                                       

Laurie studied North Indian classical music with Ali Akbar Khan between 1984 and 2009.

Ali Akbar Khan is considered one of the greatest Indian classical musicians of our age who received many honors and recognitions during his lifetime. He established the Ali Akbar College of Music in 1967, which continues to hold classes in instrumental and vocal music, as well as outstanding concerts.

The school has a phenomenal teacher of percussion (tabla), Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, whom students come from far and wide to study with. Ali Akbar Khan's accomplished sons (Alam, Manik, and Aashish) continue to teach this beautiful music in both America and India.


The Musical Lineage                                                 

The musical lineage of Ali Akbar Khan extends from Mian Tansen, a musician of the 16th century, who is considered the father of North Indian classical music.

Tansen was a treasured musician in the court of the great North Indian ruler, King Akbar, who named Tansen as one of the nine jewels of his court.

Stories exist of miracles that occurred through his music, and he was considered a musician saint.

He was born a Hindu and had both a Hindu Guru and a Sufi Guru. He was also the beloved musician in the Muslim court of King Akbar.


The Musical Instrument

Laurie plays the gorgeous instrument, sarode, which she learned from her teacher, Ali Akbar Khan. Its Sanskrit name is "Sarode-Dhayak-Veena."

The sarode is a fretless instrument that takes many years to master. It has 25 strings (4 of which are the main playing strings), that must be tuned perfectly to give it its richest sound. It is made out of teak and played with a pick made out of coconut shell.


Laurie Scott

Laurie was born into an open-minded and musical family. As a young teenager, she was a spiritual seeker and practiced yoga. At the age of 19, she joined a traditional ashram (a Hindu monastery) for seven years and also lived in India. Afterwards, she studied Indian classical music with the great Indian classical musician, Ali Akbar Khan, for many years.

Laurie shares her music in institutions where people are suffering and lonely. She is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She teaches a gentle and spiritual form of yoga that helps individuals feel very peaceful and relaxed.

Laurie serves others by sharing her music, teaching yoga, and through her writing.

Samples of Laurie Scott's Music

This first piece is an "alap" by Laurie. An alap is improvised and played at the beginning of a performance without tabla (drums), to show the scale, beauty, and mood of the raga. The name of this raga is "Patdeep" and is played in the late afternoon or early evening.

This second piece is an original composition by Laurie also in the raga of Patdeep. This composition is played in the rhythm of teental, a 16-beat rhythm.


These compositions can be found on Laurie Scott's first album, "Sarode Spirit," (featuring ragas Patdeep, Loom, and Sindhi Bhairavi), which was released in June of 2014.

Laurie composes all her own music and also recorded three other albums:

-- "River of Ragas" (ragas Kafi, Shankara, and Mian Ki Malhar)

-- "Gentle Ragas" (ragas Bageshree, Durga, and Jog)

-- "Indigo Sarode" (ragas Dhani, Jhinjhoti, and Chandramukhi). 

To hear more samples, or to acquire her music, please click on the "Music Albums" button. A portion of each album sold will go to a charity that builds homes for the poor in India.

Her music can also be heard on Spotify, as well as her YouTube channel (a link to her Youtube channel is at the end of this website).